WE HAVE EYES FOR DETAILS. We look deep to find the facts using the best observatory tools and techniques. GMO is able to provide this service with a committed, trained and motivated team.



OUR WORD IS OUR BOND. GMO use the best judgment from facts to guide our clients with the best decision. We do this with professionalism, safety, and excellence. Our clients believe us.



OUR SIGNATURE IS GOLDEN. We deal with a vast portfolio of clients and businesses. When we issue a certificate, we mean it. because our inspection and assurances are certified true value.



GENERAL MARINE & OIL SERVICES LIMITED (GMO) is an indigenous company incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1993 to render Inspection, superintendent and quality assurance to the oil, marine, industrial and Agricultural sectors of the economy. Since it was founded, the main function of GMO is to provide unbiased information. Its primary mission is to work in the general interest of concerned parties by discovering and reporting the truth and facts objectively by following best Industry standard practices.

The common aim of each of our services is Inspect, Assure and certify. The objectives are to identify, minimise and prevent risks and losses that could arise from bad decision from lack of insight, data integrity.

Our range of our advisory/consultancy services protects our clients’ interests at all times and also act as an aid for loss adjusting during insurance/marine claims where the need arise.

Since 1995, we have been using our in-depth technical and industrial knowledge to promote the safety of people and property on land and sea and to improve the quality of products and services across a wide range of industries. Objective accuracy and scrupulous neutrality are the key elements of the company’s activities and are the basis of a tradition of which we are justifiably proud.

We help our clients to grow their business by adding uncommon value to their business through our expert and quality services.


Engr. Livinus Okam


GMO deals with a vast portfolio of clients. They vary in size and type of business and various locations. What they all have in common is that they need accurate information for business decion making.

Our interest is the deployment of good quality and standardized services

In addition to Inspection, Assuruance and certification, GMO provides additional quality, environmental and safety management services to all industry sectors.

The major asset of GMO is her workforce who has genuine authority to act as professional advisers to our clients. ~ Engr. Okam.




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Our Mission

To contnually provide acurate, reliable and quality Inspections, Assurances and cerifications services with strong respect for regulatory and environmental compliance.

Our Vision

To be the most admired and outstanding company in Africa providing reliable, quality and accurate Inspections, Assurances and certifications services.


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We Are Professional

GMO has established her reputation as one of the best among the leaders in Inspections, Assurance and Certification. Our involvement cover dry, and wet cargo in the following industries; Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Agriculture, Steel, Manufacturing etc

We Are Trusted

The common aim of each of our services of GMO is to gain trust in how we Inspect, Assure and Certify. The objectives are to identify, minimise and prevent risks and losses that could arise from bad decision. So we render trusted insight and data integrity.

We Are Expert

At GMO, we have the people and we are investing heavily in technology to ensure that our people maintain efficiency and speed. Our on-going commitment to Personnel training and retraintion ensures that our staff is up to date and efficient.